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              General centrifugal fan series
              General axial flow fan series:
              Centrifugal fans/draught fans for power stations and industrial boilers
              Dust exhausting centrifugal fans
              Low noise multi-blade centrifugal fans
              Supporting fans used in plastics, chemical and other industries
              Air conditioning fans
              Special featured fans
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              What is a centrifugal fan?
              Publishers:admin  Published on:2011/10/29 14:21:55  Hits:5872
              Mainly by the centrifugal fan: impeller, casing, coupling, shaft. Impeller is to generate pressure and energy mainly for power transmission components; case mainly used to introduce gases and exhaust gases, while some of the gas kinetic energy into pressure energy; couplings used to connect the motor and fan, transmission torque; shaft and fixed impeller, through the coupling and motor.
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