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              Ordinary axial fan products selected points
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              1 fan control parameters for the selection of the main air flow, total pressure, efficiency, noise, motor power, speed and shaft power.
              2 products are divided into high-pressure P ≥ 500Pa, Low P <500Pa two pressure levels. Selection should be transported gas according to the physical, chemical properties and use, choose a different type of fan.
              3 is usually the product of A given sound level noise values LA, JB/T8690-1998 standard in the sound level to the LSA limit than A should be ≤ 35dB, LA and LSA conversion formula is:
              LSA = LA-10lg (Qp) +19.8
              Where: LSA-fan inlet (or outlet) of the sound level than A, dB;
              LA-fan inlet (or outlet) A sound level, dB (A);
              Q-fan test operating point flow, m / min;
              p-fan test operating point total pressure, Pa.
              4 fan selection should take into account the pipeline system air leakage losses, the calculation error, and the actual air flow fan, air pressure negative deviation, the general air volume of 1.05 to 1.1, pressure of the safety factor of 1.10 to 1.15. For low pressure, high flow situations; transmission temperature <80 ℃, dust content <150mg / m of gas.
              5 Note that the resistance characteristics of the pipe network and fan features matches. To enable fans to stable operation of the fan should be near maximum efficiency in its work, the working point of fan performance curve in the total pressure at the peak point to the right (ie, the amount of side winds, and generally peak at 80% of total pressure .) Selection of design conditions, the efficiency of the fan, the fan should not be less than the maximum efficiency of 90%.
              6 using variable frequency fan should be based system to calculate the total pressure loss of the rated pressure, but the fan motor power should be calculated on the additional 15% to 20%.
              7 fans on the sample performance parameters for the standard state, when the fan use conditions are inconsistent with the standard conditions, attention should be on the fan performance parameters of the amendment.
              8 Select the fan should be more careful, preferred high efficiency, small size machine, light weight, large adjustment range of products.
              9 Select the fan, not only to consider the one-time investment, but also to focus on long-run economic effects.
              10 fans and auxiliary equipment service life should meet the following requirements
              No Lifetime
              8~20 ≥7
              ≥20 ≥10
              11 machine number greater than 8 fans before the first overhaul of the security operation time should be less than 18000h.
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