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              Ordinary axial fan construction, installation points
              Publishers:admin  Published on:2011/10/29 14:25:52  Hits:8810
              1 fan installed pedestal (base) should have sufficient strength, stability and durability, the vibration of the pedestal should meet the following requirements:
               a) Basic unit shall not exceed the natural frequency of the motor and fan speed of 1 / 3;
               b) operation of fan speed and fan vibration when stationary vibration velocity difference must be greater than 3 times.
               (2) between the fan duct connection with the import and export, flexible joints should be located. Inlet pipe, outlet pipe and other equipment should be individually supported by the foundation or other building components with the solid support, housing should not bear the weight of other parts.
               3 fan installation can refer to the following National Building Standard Design Atlas for.
               94K101-1 "axial fan installed."

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