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              General centrifugal fan series
              General axial flow fan series:
              Centrifugal fans/draught fans for power stations and industrial boilers
              Dust exhausting centrifugal fans
              Low noise multi-blade centrifugal fans
              Supporting fans used in plastics, chemical and other industries
              Air conditioning fans
              Special featured fans
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              HL series centrifugal fan

                HL series centrifugal fan blade design special line, and leaves a solid welded structure, the impeller rotating diffuser to have good aerodynamic performance, especially suitable for supporting the use of the printing machinery. Fans of the series low noise, smooth operation, high efficiency, beautiful appearance. Noise requirements are particularly high users, the chassis to do a special silencer processing.

              Model(No.) Power
              Rotation Speed
              Volume Flow
              Total Pressure
              039 2.2-4 2900 1855-3700 1763-2073
              042 3-7.5 2900 2650-4834 1763-2237
              045 5.5-11 2900 3050-6100 2110-2520
              048 7.5-15 2900 3850-7620 2613-3240
              052 5.5-11 2500 4050-8020 2113-2640
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